About the owner

Brandon McNeely, owner of PoshPrivy, is a North Carolina native (go Heels) who  moved to Nashville, TN where he attended Lipscomb University.  After graduating with his degree in Finance and Economics, he did what  almost every recent college graduate does and landed a job....that had absolutely no correlation with his hard earned degree.  Brandon enjoyed the next 10 years working as an estate manager for a country artist in Nashville.  During those 10 years, Brandon managed to attend graduate school and obtained his MBA.  Upon graduation, he did what every recent MBA graduate does….and entered the portable sanitation industry with this crazy idea that is now known as “PoshPrivy”.  

When Brandon isn’t working, he enjoys running, water/snow skiing, and UNC basketball.


about poshprivy

We truly believe that the difference is in the details...as simple as that sounds... this mantra, when integrated into every aspect of our company provides exponential value to our customers.  This value is achieved in our desire to leverage the power of technology by providing a simplified process for reservation, payment, and scheduling; incorporating processes and procedures that are followed to ensure our customers receive a trailer that operates as expected without issue, and by offering a unique product with authentic service  and  unsurpassed  attention to detail.